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ISF Fuel 42

Welcome to freedom in weight loss!


What is it?

As a full time mom, trainer, and health coach... I wanted to create a program that incorporates the control of a healthy diet mixed with the freedom to eat. Especially with the high stress life demands, I continually was noticing that I needed a flexible yet solid game plans for my personal meals (and my family's) along with all my clients! This is why I created ISF Fuel 42. It is a 6 week program to transform your understanding and relationship with food and empower your habits to last a lifetime of healthy eating. My system of weekly challenges and check-ins allows time for completion of actionable nutritional and mindset challenges. This will empower you in your positive mindset shift and fuel your body right as you continually progress on your health journey.

Why is this different from other programs?

After working with hundreds of clients, athletes, and boot campers, I have created a nutrition program that will aid you in hitting your goals! Even as a high level athlete, I was taught poor eating habits--- "Eat as much as you can because you will just burn it off tomorrow!" or "Carb loading before our games." Habits that would in turn take nearly a decade to correct. And after seeing so many people I love and care about yo-yo on fad diets, I wanted to create a sustainable and successful program.


It does not matter if your goal is to lose weight or build for your athletic events, my proven system will take you to your goals and lay the foundation for a mindset change. Unique to my program is the focus on your relationship with food that will empower you with healthier life long choices.

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What's included?

1. Lifetime access to the 6 week video program to complete on your own time. You will see the recommended weekly breakdown of timing recommended to complete the challenges. Weekly challenges will be extended in regards to nutrition and mindset! 

2. Weekly live digital face to face check-ins with your tracker of choice and live Q&A.

3. Digital access to PDF forms discussed in the weekly topics.

4. Weekly tracker submissions to me via email/text by Monday evenings and my personal feedback to your food logs.

5. Accountability!!! If I don't hear from you... I track you down! We are in this together!

1- FREE BONUS 1: 24/7 access to your trainer via a text message thread for nutrition motivation, mini challenges, and support!



What are the topics covered?


Overview of subjects are divided weekly so you can truly make change happen in your life. These topics include:

Week 1. My system of what and how to eat- shopping lists and sample meal plan included! We are going to transform your mindset to fuel your body like the athlete you are!

Week 2. Understanding of how food works and a system to live by in dishing up your plates and WHY!

Week 3. Simplifying meal prepping with my proven system.

Week 4. Mindset Hacks to Keep you on Track!

Week 5. Organizing your refrigerator, freezer and kitchen for success! Tips and ideas for shopping and meals included.

Week 6. Solid strategies for ongoing success! 

**Weekly review of food logs will occur at the beggining of our group call so you can more deeply understand how to balance your food choices and empower you to lose more weight happily!

Small permanent changes in both behavior and weight loss are better than large, temporary ones.


I am always here for you! You are free to redo the course as many times as needed! Also included will be a mesage thread on Facebook where we can have open communication throughout the week. A personal trainer in your pocket!

How much does it cost?

$60 per household

*Summer Special! For any current Boot Campers cost will remain at $30.

**Submit your before and after photos to earn 15% cash back on your enrollment price!

*Weekly accountability check-ins are included for the first 6 weeks on the program and will be set via email.

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