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Kick off your fall fitness with the Boot Camp Games!

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Who is ready to either kick off your fitness journey with a bang---as we "Get Back to Working Out" this fall--- or to come test your gains!? 💪💕💪🙌

Oh my goodness!!! I'm soooo excited! All my local #saltlakecity peeps, I've got one of my visions coming to fruition on September 8th!!!

Inspire Strong Fitness will be hosting THE BOOT CAMP GAMES at the Taylorsville Recreation Center!!!

💥💥It's only $6 to come out and compete if you sign-up before September 1st!💥💥 And our 6 "Game Prep" Boot Camp Classes M, W, F from Aug 24-Sept 7 at 5:30am and 6:40am is only $35!! 🙌

I see this as an annual event! Message me any questions but come and have some fun with us, the world is out playground!! 🤩

Click on "Register for an Activity," 
👉 Fitness
👉2018 Inspire Strong Bootcamp
💪Boot camp games and Game Prep are both ready for you here! ❤️❤️

Whether you are competing within Inspire Strong Fitness or from another Boot Camp, you will have a blast exploring new ways of challenging yourself!

We will be competing in individual events and group competitions, read the flyer for more detail!

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