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The best part about being a Personal Trainer and a Health Coach is making a change in people's lives. This is it, this is the X-Factor for my life that I was missing prior to coaching. Seeing my clients reach their goals and work so hard to get there, checking in and pushing them along all the while, is an incredible experience. The messages I get rolling through add unbelieveable value to my life and have brought me to tears. I treasure and value them. Thank you all for letting me be a part of your fitness journey and sharing your goals, hardships, and successes with me.


​“It's going great! I have [the calendar] by my TV. I really like the program, and I LOVE that even when I wake up late, I can still squeeze in the time! It's been such a blessing to have your support! You are seriously amazing!!”​

Annie M.



“Thank you. I really don't know if I would have gotten this far into this as I would  (have) without you helping me out.... you keep pushing me on... It felt awesome to finish... it all starts with a good coach...Wore the jersey because it hasn't fit me in two years​."
Josh B.​

My body is getting stronger. I noticed how much better I am doing on this week's exercises compared to last week. I lost 3 pounds last week and I can do my belt up a little tighter. Mostly I am noticing that my back doesn't hurt so bad. I will definitely continue after the 21 days.”​
Mindy M.

I am so grateful for our live Boot Camp Class! The positivity and support from everyone is so inspiring. And, I think that all trickles down from you Audrey!”​
Mandy A.

There is a place for everyone in Boot Camp! I never feel bad if I don't hit the exact amount of moves or have to perform a different option of a move because there is so much encouragement from everyone.”​
Eilene S.

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