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Premium Boot Camp Membership!

Hey Team ISF!

This is the right option for you if you want to show up at your favorite gym (house or facility) and want less than 10 minutes of a trainer explaining new moves and challenging you to push yourself. You will be able to work at your own pace with the time frames recommended and enjoy a different workout EVERY SINGLE DAY! You will absolutely o build muscle, scorch fat, increase endurance and strength, and expedite your results. Can't wait to start sweating it up with you!!! And best part is, you will have a full access to the entire LIBRARY while active in your membership! Cancel at anytime and hop back in when you are ready.

You got this!

Coach Aud

What's included?

  • Fresh workouts added weekly

  • Programmed daily by me for maximum results

  • Access to previously posted workout queue

  • Access workouts on your timeline

  • Convenient 30-45 minute workouts

  • Weekly Challenges for strength gain via muscle overload

  • HIIT, EMOM, Circuit Trainings, AMRAP, cross-fit type workouts along with Tabatas... we just have a fun time always pushing in new ways

  • Video demonstrations for each exercise

  • Modifier options for every move

  • Direct support from me when you need it


  • Access to ENTIRE ISF Fuel-42 Nutrition Program (Value $65!)

Boot Camp Premium Membership.png
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