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Boot Camp will Change Your Life!

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For a limited "Corona Virus Time" my boot camp is OFFERED LIVE DIGITALLY! That means you get a real time trainer showing you the moves, working out along side of you, cheering you on..... helping you meet EVERY REP AND SET!! Yep, we are in the trenches together! We meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6-7am MST. To join us live, your first class is FREE! 

With these boot camp options, you will never be bored and we will keep your body guessing what is coming! That means NEVER plateauing and getting lasting results. Today is your day!! Let's go!!!!! Click on the button corresponding to the best fit for you to get registered.

The ball is in your court and it's GO TIME!! You have the opportunity to make a difference in your own life and your family's. Be the leader by setting and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Set a goal, I recommend 3-5 workouts per week if you are already active. If you are just starting out, 1-3xs a week an excellent starting point and you'll know when you are ready to increase. Your body will literally start to crave it! 

I know you will enjoy the variety of workouts and challenge. I know your strength and stamina will improve and aesthetic results are simply a by-product of the fun you are about to have! Enjoy! SIMPLY CLICK ON THE REGISTER TODAY BUTTON BELOW TO GET STARTED! See yah soon!


Coach Aud

100% Results

Join hundreds of fellow #ISFAthletes on your fitness journey! Whether you are at home or a gym, we've got you covered! Click this button for our boot camp options!

It's Boot Camp Time!

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