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10 Days to Thin-mas!

Hey fitness go-ers! Our 12 Day Countdown has kicked off. I know a lot of you are curious as to how the Beachbody On Demand actually works, so let me explain a bit! For the first 30 Days after you have purchased a challenge pack you get a FREE Trial as a Club Member. Or, if you are just interested in checking this fitness opportunity out, you can go to this link and get yourself set-up easy peasy for your FREE TRIAL with me as your Free Coach!

Here is our Bootcamp On Demand Schedule for the week if anyone would like to follow along with us:

And... we even have a group I can add you to on Facebook if you are interested in the following (along with hitting it hard with your On Demand Workouts):

1. Daily Recipe Shared- at least one clean eating recipe daily.

2. Motivation- hearing others journey as well as inspirational quotes and sayings... all uplifting... all good baby!

3. Me as your Free Coach to help you dial in on your goals!

4. Tips with Fitness and Nutrition

Deets of What Comes Next after 30 Days!

After the 30 day trial, your Club Membership will automatically cycle as active. So, here are the options. Cancel by day 27ish, or let it continue!

To Continue: It only cost $2.99/week to maintain access to over $3,000 worth of workout programs!!! Holla! And, you can stream from anywhere, including the gym, in your backyard, and on vacations (which is where I have used it the most!). They bill quarterly, so from the 30 Day Mark of signing up you will see around $40 withdrawn however it is pro-rated and you can still cancel anytime.

To Cancel: Go to and send a "Cancel Club" email. It takes about 30 sec. ;)

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