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6 Things to do Sunday to Rock Your Week!

It's SUNDAY! What a CRAZY week that was in the Matuauto house! We had a surplus of 3 kiddos as my sis and her hubby went to the carribean for a week!

It was the first week of school! Emotions were a LITTLE high but we have survived! Haaha. But the positives are... week 1 of school is DONE for my 5th grader niece, 3rd grader niece, and 1st grader son! 💓 And we have some momentum! We can only improve from these initial emotions! I can't help but feel like week 2 is gonna be cake! Mmm... Cake! 😂😂😂

I'm all for "resting" on sunday, but there are a few things you should take baby steps into doing so your week can FLOW that much better! And today, I have already started hashing down on these to-do's! 

Live each day... don't be a victim to your day and circumstance. Create the life you want right now!

#1 – CHECK YOUR CALENDAR and have forethought for what is upcoming this week and how much time those activities will take. Make sure to plan your top 5 priorities each day! #2 - SORT MEALS FOR THE WEEK- This can mean different things for different mamas... depending on how you like to run your house! -Make sure I have a meal plan for the week and if possible, cook and freeze all evening meals for the week! I cook a lot on mondays so I need to be sure to at least have a game plan sunday evening! -Plan what you will eat based on what you have in the cupboards -Do a weekly shop for what you need for the week ahead (or sort out an online shop to arrive when convenient to you to save time) -You may do a bit of everything, or just one of these things – but the key is that you have put a little thought into what you will eat and when. This will help you every day as you can simply prepare what you have planned without thinking, and you will know that you have everything in the kitchen to create that meal. Clean up is easier, cooking is quicker... you will save so much time!

Here's one of the recipes I will be cooking tomorrow in the crockpot:

#3 – SORT CLOTHES FOR THE WEEK- If I help my kids do this, mornings are heavenly! Haaaha. If I get to me, great. But I'm the easy one! Check the weather and know what to expect. And stash your kids outfits into an empty drawer for them to simply grab and go. #4- PRIORITIZE TO DO'S- Take a minute to write down those nagging to do's. You don't realize how much weight you are carrying around until you do a brain dump on a piece of paper. Now, go back to your calendar and fill in when you will accomplish them. If something stays on your to do's for more than 3 days, either prioritize it as your #1 or take it off the list. 

#5 DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU SMILE- These steps can take as little or as long as you make them. My advice to you... make sure you and your happiness are a priority as well. We always make sure to have some bonding family time on sundays. That's what life is truly all about! #6 TIDY-UP- I'm not talking deep cleaning or mom rage happening. I'm talking about pick-up the floor, tidy the kitchen. Make it feel good to walk out on Monday morning. It will definitely give you the boost you need to start rocking your week! <3 

photo credit to "organise my house" 

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