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Happy Healthy Parents Make Happy Healthy Children

This month has been full of fitness fun as one of my NEW favorite programs has been launched! Double Time!!!! At first peek, I thought... this'll be fun to do with the kids once in a while but doesn't look intense enough to reap results. HOWEVER... leave it to Tony Horton to find a way to make you burn baby burn while laughing with your family or friends. Even as you do this with your little ones! All you need is a partner and a ball an you are set! I've been getting whoooped all week! Haahaa.

What makes Double Time unique?

If you have ever done a program with Tony Horton you know that he is a total nut! With a background in comedy as well as fitness Tony loves telling jokes and keeping the mood light but the workouts never cease to kick my booty. The foundation of Double Time is Fun with a workout partner. That is right, you will be doing every move in every workout with a workout partner. It makes getting in shape feel more like play and less like a grind. your partner could be your spouse, your child, or a friend. Totally makes me think of all my years in soccer! Every move takes two people and teamwork—that means that you will be getting results, having fun, and being accountable with someone close to you over the entire 30 days of the program. The goal of Double Time is that you will have so much fun working out with your partner that you will keep the healthy habits rolling forward long after you push play on your last Double Time workout.

It is Fun for the Whole Family.

When Tony Horton created Double Time he had families in mind. At summit, Tony shared with us how unlinked we all are because of our digital devices. We are always so digitally glued, there would be a designated time in your schedule to actually be face to face and in this time, develop healthy habits together! Double Time is less watching the screen and more doing. Tony says,”It’s something that your entire family can take on…a program that includes daily exercise, learning about a balanced diet, and sharing a healthier lifestyle because home is where the health is.”

When can you start Double time?

TODAY along with me!

And, might I point out that the amazing thing is as I am doing this program this month, I still have access to the hundreds of other workouts on Beachbody On Demand. So, if I don't have a partner for the day because of circumstance, NO PROB! I just kick on Hammer & Chisel, the other program I have been rocking for a few weeks now! <3 And, I know that after I have completed Double Time, I can immediately lock in and finish the rest of the 60 days of Hammer & Chisel. I always have the ability to rock my fitness results, program after program.

You will, too because as you active BOD, you activate a membership for a year!

What does this mean? You get my accountability groups, meal plans, personal training guidance, group challenges, annnd access to monthly prizes through this one time purchase! <3 I got your back!

This month, I am offering a $25 gift card for those who complete at least 3 logged partner workouts with Double Time per week along with logging 5 Shakeologies! What will this do for you? Well, you will be rewarded for getting fit and healthy! I mean, like the feeling of working out and a new bod to flaunt through the holidays isn't enough!! But, you get to treat yo'self for all your hard work!

Shakeology will provide your body with a balance of dense nutrition like you've never felt before. I was such a skeptic and within a week knew that I absolutely wanted the next shipment to come!

Another cool thing is that everything is 30 days money back guarantee! This is the final push I needed to jump in and try it out! I hope it is for you as well because once I took that leap of faith, well... our entire world has changed for the better and I absolutely know yours will, too! It is the perfect solution for me: aweseome fitness programs+dense nutrition+support+rewards= SUCCESS!

How do I get started?

Don't stop there! Shoot me a message on facebook or email me at with the selection you chose and we will get started on honing in on your goal and how I can help you best! I help every challenger of mine individuallly and help coach you in overcoming any limiting factors you are working through in your life. Can't wait to work with you!

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