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Flu Season???

There is so much controversy around the flu vaccine. I personally think the best way to combat the flu is with good nutrition and healthy habits. I have had some people reaching out and ask me what I do, so here's the truth. I got the flu vaccine but do not plan on having my kids get it. Personal decision. Honestly, I think it is great if you don't and great if you do! And here's why...

It was mandatory for me in the hospital and I always felt good about not bringing anything home to my family and I still feel the same. I don't want to be a carrier. However, I do plan on keeping an even tighter healthy lifestyle through the holidays and cold months to help my kids keep their immune system as buff as Arnold Schwazanager's chest. ;) Check out these two battling opinions:

I have a few healthy tips to share with you today from my 4.5 years of working in the hospital and seeing all sorts of sickness come through the door:

1. Get outside for even just 10 minutes daily!! The vitamin D will do wonders for your body and it'll boost your mood!

2. Air out your house by opening windows for ten minutes-ish a couple times per week! It'll be cold for a second but totally worth it as the fresh air flushes through!

3. Eat your fruits and veggies! Your body absolutely needs those active enzymes, vitamins, and minerals to battle incoming bugs!

4. Sleep habits.... I mean seriously, I'm talking to myself on this one as well. We need rest and we need to ensure a sleeping pattern for our kiddos as well.

5. Hydration is so key for your system to function properly! Drink at least half your body weight in ounces daily!

6. A daily multivitamin. I get mine in my Shakeology daily! Wooowoot! And, while on the topic, the super foods andantioxidants in my shake have seriously boosted my immune system! I have shared this often but I seriously feel like wonder woman! <3 Plus, our entire household's immune systems have improved! Sam has only gotten sick once in his 17 months of life, and although Briggs and Kali don't drink it daily like Sam, D, and me, they drink it a few times per week and any time I start seeing symptoms! I cannot rave enough about how this has impacted our doctor's bills and feel goods in the house!

The winter of 2013 compared to these past 3 years while drinking it have been completely different stories! I was in and out of the doctor's offices all winter long in 2013, my kids missed so much preschool, I spent so much money on different medicines and so unfortunate that most of those antibiotics caused side effects like diarhhea causing diaper rash and dehydration... don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful for medicine to heal my kiddos, but if I had known how much their immune systems could buff up with a shake that they love to drink, I would have started loooong ago. I remember getting to the point with Briggs where I felt so stuck because I knew another antibiotic would be sooo hard on his system! I'm so grateful to have this constantly in my kitchen! If you are in a position where I was and your family is battling sickness A TON... I guarantee you, this will save you money and keep everyone so much more healthy and happy---- Link to Purchase 30 Days of Shakeology with a 100% money back guarantee. Link to Purchase a 7 Day Sample pack.

7. Regular exercise! If it is too cold to get out... play moving games with your kiddos inside. And, we are launching a new "Family Type" workout where you need a partner to do the moves!!! Eeeek! So excited! Kali and Briggs both told me they would do it with me! Having a good at home routine for myself has busted all my excuses that come with getting out to the gym! Time, babysitter, costs, weather, etc. If that sounds like you, what are you waiting for! Lock in with us with your fitness as well! Battle winter stress with endorphines! <3

To purchase the full system to stream at home workouts like D and I do daily (for a FULL YEAR!!) plus 30 days of Shakeology bundled for a discount, click here for the All Access Challenge Pack!

8. Lastly, keep your sugar in check! Make a goal for yourself that is doable and keep pushing a new goal. Perhaps you start with only one serving of sweets per day. Then move to every other day, etc. Or, maybe you are a cold turkey person. I challenge you to go for it! Cut those processed sugars and sweets! I have found... with one or two treats per week I can maintain a happy flow to life and not feel deprived! <3

I bet these weren't mind blowing but good reminders to what and how we should continue to live forward. Baby steps each day to get healthier and teach our kiddos how to be healthier! Is there one of these steps you can start working on today???

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