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How to Create Your Mommy Schedule- and OWN it!

There are so many of us who rush through life, take care of this and that and forget to stop to smell the roses. I get caught up in that hustle of life at times, too. But, this past month I have been more deliberate with my time and wanted to share these 3 action plans with you because I have noticed my stress levels have been reduced and I am overall happier!

And let's face it, the saying is true.... when mom is happy the whole house is happy! It's not like you can bite everyone's heads off and expect peace in the home! We are the foundation for EVERYTHING! Am I right, mamas?! All the more reason to clear your plate, set realistic expectations, and move through your day in a calm manner.

1. Ok, so what I have been doing is looking at life just one day ahead and planning out the day kinda by the hour to two hour time span. Yes, on week 1 of doing this, it was time consuming. But, now, all it takes is about 5 minutes the night before and a few tweaks in the google calendar and voila! Life is not just happening to me, I'm creating the life I want.

Pointer--> How do I do this? Well, take your top 3-5 priorities and schedule those first! For me: 1. time with hubby 2. time with kids 3. exercise 4. business 5. personal growth time (spiritual, personal development reading, etc.)

Only YOU know how much time you really have for these activities and only YOU can allot them the correct amount of time. So, once you have scheduled those, see what "fluffy stuff you can get rid of! For instance, two years ago... I used to love kicking it on the couch... it felt like weekly we would do a marathon of some sort of Netflix series. Seriously, we would get to the point where our bodies would concave right into the couch in our "spots." You'd have to suction us out of there! What a waste of time given on this beautiful earth!

D and I still watch Netflix but once you start filling your day with things God intended for you to spend your time on... the more you find yourself not even WANTING that sort of inactivity unless it is what you are purposefully doing.

2. Make sure you get you most pressing "to-do's" for the day done first. After you have scheduled time for those most important things in your life, time to KILL your to-do list. Quit procrastinating and just jump in! I loved what Grant Cardone said about fear, to paraphrase for you he said the longer you take to do the thing that you are nervous about, the more your emotion will paralyze you. Don't think about it, just jump in and get it done!

3. If something stays on your list for 3 days, move it to the top or just forget about it. There is no sense in carrying around extra weight of a to-do that you are never going to get to!

If you align your top priorities with your goals to get done every day, you will FEEL accomplished and you will BE accomplished! I hope these tips help you in running your life in a calmer, more organized way. And remember, you can't control everything, so don't try to! Just start with a game plan and adapt as kids blow up your living room or your car breaks down. Re-evaluate and conquer what you need to! You can do it!

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