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Waterbar... Drink your Results

It is June and HOT FINALLY!!! Yeay! So, along with clean eating, we need to be CLEAN DRINKING, too! It's time to hone in on what we are actually drinking... lemonade, diet drinks and preservatives! It’s time to love water, you can doctor it up with natural flavs that actually provide vitamins and minerals. What?! That’s crazy talk you say? Well keep reading. I’m about to blow your mind! You ready?

On a future post, I will share 6 Tips to Get > 60oz Water because not only do I want to help you get your amount of water in but I want you to thoroughly enjoy it and add to your overall health! Today I would love to share the Water Bar Recipes from the 21 Day Fix to help you maximize your consumption. “Drink all you want!”

MIXERS Flat water Sparkling water

MIX INS Choose any combination of the mix-ins from the list below for a delicous water cocktail.

FRUITS /VEGGIES Lemon wedges (squeeze and throw away ) Lime wedges Orange slices Strawberry slices Kiwi Slices Cucumber slices Frozen grapes Watermelon cubes Splash of fruit juice, cranberry, orange, grapefruit

HERBS Mint leaves Basil Grated ginger Rosemary

EXTRAS Crushed Ice Ice cubes Rasberry minty ice (frozen in ice cube trays )

My favorite is a strawberry and mint combo or just plain lemon wedge or orange wedge. :)

Anyone have a favorite or something totally innovative to share?

Are you thirsty yet and did I totally blow your mind with options??? BOOM BABY!


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