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Free Fixate Cookbook Giveaway!

So many of my Challengers, myself included, have been waiting for this amazing Cookbook to be released. Well, the time is now! And, I am extending an opportunity to get it for FREE! Starting today until August 7th, I will be gathering ballots for a Free Giveaway of Autumn Calabrese's brand new cookbook... FIXATE! See below for how to enter! It features 101 new recipes from appetizers, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is nothing worse than trying a new recipe and not knowing how it fits into the plan! Now you have the answers and the answers are delicious!

I have been so impressed with her simple and super nutritious recipes, I just got the cookbook last week in Nashville and arrived home 2 days ago, so I haven't gotten to put anything to the tes...t yet. However, on the flight home I almost full-on drouled into the cookbook as I browsed through the pages and succulent pictures!!

Keep watch because I will be posting recipes one by one as I start checking them off my list and rate them along the way. I am no chef by any means, so I am putting my faith into Autumn because she has give me amazing results so far. I can't wait to see what locking down awesome nutrition in the kitchen will do! I am a huge fan of what this woman has to offer! It is my goal to try every single one of the recipes, starting with a snack one today, the homemade granola, for our car ride! Woot! :)

To enter for the Audrey Matu FIXATE GIVEAWAY from this website:

1. Send me a message in the "Contact me" tab.

2. All I need is your email address and for you to share something with me. Answer this question: What is the hardest thing for you to stay on top of with nutrition?

For all programs purchased in this time frame, you will receive 5 ballots in the drawing!

For all Challenge Packs purchased in this time frame, you will receive 10 ballots in the drawing!

If you know you want this cookbook and you want it now, I know the feeling! I bought 3 of them! Haaha. You can get it here and now! Click here: I want Fixate NOW!

For me, sweets are the worst! I have the worst sweet tooth and it is so good I have Shakeology on my side to help me curb that craving. Steak, chips, popcorn... take them or leave them... but put a chocolate chip cookie in front of me and it is crazy hard for me to resist. :) That's why I choose a chocolate shake every morning, helps me curb that chocolate calling my name! Haaha. If you want to see how chocolatey yummy Shakeo really is, simply ask for a free sample along with your FIXATE entry and I will get you hooked up ASAP! :)

Here are a few more images from the cookbook to give you a little preview!

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