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21 Day Fix Free Meal Plan

Good morning! This is a special day! A day in which I am personally taking accountability for my downfalls with food. I've got a hundred excuses... I am pregnant, and nauseous, and I have kids so it's hard to eat clean all the time. I finally made a document that empowers me to eat right all throughout the day. I may not be 100% with rocking this... but I balanced out all the portion control containers into MY day and MY life! This way, even if what type of food swaps through on different weeks, I can still know to fill in a red (protein), or yellow (carbs) on any given meal. I am excited to put this doc up on my fridge and eat pro-actively! :)

If you have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain! The 21 Day Fix is an amazing, all inclusive fitness and nutrition program that provides training wheels to eating right! They are colored portion control containers so you don't have to calorie count and waste time figuring out your macros. Yep, if it fits in the container, you can eat it! And, of course there is a list per container of recommended foods, and even a new cookbook that was launched to help you stay on track! (The cookbook I gave away a few months back!)

This program was the first one I signed up with, in a challenge pack (so bundled with Shakeology) and it changed my life! I thought I was eating healthy before, and I was doing pretty decent... but I wasn't classifying my foods correctly and simply not feeding my body right. I would count avocado as a veggie, when it is in fact a healthy fat. And, I am a soccer player so my lifetime of carb loading on pasta and breads and very much trained me incorrectly for what "carbs" to aim for. When I saw sweet potatoes at the top of the list... it pretty much blew my mind! Lol.

I cannot negate that fact that Autumn's, the 21 Day Fix creator, 30 minute workouts are AWESOME! I had been plateaued for over a year at my post-baby weight and lost 6 pounds in 21 days like it was nothing! And, to be honest, I probably would rate myself at a 60% on meal planning and food prep that first time through. This is my third or fourth time and I am finally figuring it out... hence the meal planning doc. :) Hope it helps you in your journey jump start results quicker. And, if I can help you more... please contact me! Even if you have the program, I can be your free coach... as long as you aren't already working with someone else. ;) Happy 21DF to you! Muah!

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