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Do you Spirulina? I do!

How is your fitness and health journey going? I am into my second trimester... yeay!!!! And, I can definitely report in that Shakeology has been an incredible life saver during the whole first trimester. Veggies are still hard for me to choke down right now but I am able to lock in dense nutrition at least once daily and aim for healthy eating the rest of the day. :)

My OB and many of my fellow coaches OB's have put their stamp of approval on Shakeology during pregnancy and breast feeding. One of my coaches even took the list of 70+ ingredients to her high risk doctor who told her it was an excellent source of nutrition for the duration of her pregnancy and thereafter. However, as our bodies are all different, it is still important to check with your personal physian if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Ok, so not going to lie... I had 16 days straight of my Almond Joy Shakeology... obsessed much??? (The Almond Joy recipe is simply 1 c almond milk, 1/2 c ice, 1 tsp coconut extract, 1 scoop chocolate Shakeo) Yep, since Halloween it has mostly satisfied my cravings. The Reese's and Milky Way my daughter would leave all around the house was a recipe for disaster. Haahaa. But other than that, I chocolate, yummy and nutritiously dense shake has curbed my sweet tooth!

Today I finally switched it up: Choco Banana Mocha is my invention :) 1 c water 1/2 c ice 1/2 banana 1/2 tsp instant decaf coffee 1 scoop chocolate shakeology I've got some mocha love flowing through me today! :) And, here's a little spotlight on one ingredient of the 70+ that is in your Shakeology. SPIRULINA: This ingredient is a fresh water algae. It has a 60% protein content in terms of muscle-building potential. It also has a powerful combination of minerals, including iron, calcium, and magnesium. It is also a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients. And, it is one of the most potent nutrient sources available.

My body has gone through so much healing during this past year of drinking Shakeology. The digestive issues I have had in the past are totally gone. My immunity is so much better. My cravings are better. I have more energy. I FEEL better because my body is getting fed right.

If you are looking for that X factor to add to your life, I highly recommend putting Shakeology to the test. There are a few options for you:

1. For those just ready to put it to the test, like I was in the beginning, I recommend getting the bag and feeling the accumulation effect in your body. You can drink the whole bag and if you don't feel a difference you can get a full refund. Pretty sweet deal! Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Woot!

2. If you aren't sure which of these fabulous flavors are for you, there is a week supply tester kit available. ;) Click on the picture for the link.

3. Or, for a simple taste test, message me with a single flavor you would like to try for free. To really FEEL the Shakeology effects in your system I would say a week or two is a more solid route to go. However, I would love to send you a FREE SAMPLE wrapped with love! I have Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla samples on hand. Click on the picture to send me a message including the flavor you would like to try and your address.

Thanks and stay tuned for a "Surviving Thanksgiving Post" I will be sending out on Thursday!

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