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Day 2 Take Your Life Back Challenge

How did day 1 go for you??? Maybe a little sore today but mentally ready to get change rolling? Yeah... me too! Today is going to be a blast! Let's get to it!

Day 2 Exercise: Preview from Hammer and Chisel

Day 2 Nutrition Challenge

We are taking nutrition simply and slowly. Yesterday, implementing water hydration. Keep that going throughout the challenge! Today, make the transition to implement 2-3 fruits into your day. Sounds easy, but if you don't try.... fresh produce runs out so quickly! I usually get a fruit in at breakfast, then for my snacks I love to pair a fruit with a protein. So for example, an apple and peanut butter or string cheese. Or, berries and cottage cheese. Whatever floats your boat. Then, if you try implementing a fruit after dinner, it will train your body to crave the fruit instead of those blasted simple sugars. Put it to the test!!!

Day 2 Mentality Challenge: 5 minutes of meditation!

Hold onto those thoughts compiled from yesterday for just one more day... tomorrow we will go over why affirmations are so important. Today though, we need to learn about meditation! Have you ever tried it before?

Meditation, yeah, you've heard a lot about it. Maybe even done it once or twice... but what if you actually put it to the test and started practicing it daily? Even for one, two, or three minutes? The benefits of meditation are incredible! To name a few:

1. Reduces pain and enhances the body's immune system.

2. Reduces feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion.

3. Increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.

4. Provides a sens of calm, peace, and balance.

5. Helps reverse heart disease.

6. Helps control thoughts.

7. Increases energy.

8. Reduces stress.

Doesn't it sound like something our world needs a lot more of??? Less anger, people more in control, better health, happier.... all good and amazing things! I will provide some tips below for how to get started with meditating.

Audrey's Meditation Tips:

1. Find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.

2. Focus on your breath. Count down from 10 and visualize each number with different fonts, colors, or patterns on it.

3. As you countdown continue to relax. Tune inwards and try inhaling for 6 count, exhale for 3 count.

4. Start with you toes and progress through your body until the top of your head visualizing a cloud of energy (color is your choice) and healing power wrapping around each body part, sore muscle, achey/tired bone, etc. This cloud releases tension in your system with each exhale.

5. Whenever your mind begins to wander, very gently draw you attention back to your breath.

6. Feel your body and mind slowly settling and relaxing.

Practice this exercise wherever and whenever you can! Sitting on the bus or as you fall asleep are great. However, try implementing it into your morning routing and you will find clarity!

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