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Day 4- Take Your Life Back Challenge

Day 4 Exercise Challenge: You guys are doing awesome!!! Day 4 already!!! Woot! Today is going to be awesome! Can you feel it in the air? Tell yourself those affirmations we created yesterday! Here is another sneak peek into the burning power of Hammer and Chisel!

Day 4 Nutrition Challenge: Today we are upping the antics with a vegetable challenge. I have found it is so easy to hit 1-2 veggies a day. But seriously... 4-7 depending on your recommended caloric range?! That sounds crazy to any normal American, however when you fuel your body right, the happiness flows from the inside out. It's not enough just to workout because you can undue all of your hard work and sweat with stuffing your face full of simple sugars and fats that wreak havoc to your system. Don't believe me? Try putting clean eating to the test for a week! And, implement some superfoods, digestive blends, antioxidants, and phytonutrients via Shakeology and you will feel like a brand new person! Click here to request a free sample!

Here is a list of the best of the best veggies, to "still really good for you" veggies. This list is pulled from the 21 Day Fix Extreme program. The 21 Day Fix comes with color coded portions control containers to help you easily lock in on nutrition like you have never seen before. The programs totally changed my way of thinking about food and helped me change my lifestyle for the better.

Day 4 Mentality Challenge: Lock in for 5 minutes with a book in the area of life you feel you are struggling with.

Here are a few of the most LIFE CHANGING I have come across:

I would add to this beautiful image, "Miracle Morning," "The Slight Edge," "The Compound Effect," and "The Secret," and "The Go Giver."

I used to think, there was no way I could add reading into my busy mom and coaching schedule but since I have implemented even 5-10 minutes a day... everything has felt so much better! I plan on reading a girl boss book next! :) I just started that Conscious Creator book you see above. The confidence, strength, and inner power you feel from such books is indescribeable. And to think how much of a skeptic I used to be! haaahaa. Now I'm totally 110% behind it!

Ok, guys lets get at it today!!!

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