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Rectis Diastasis

After delivering my biggest baby out of 3 and carrying him transversely, I have developed a medical condition referred to as rectis diastatsis. This simply means separation of your "6 pack muscles." I am coming up on 4 months postpartum and still feel those muscles nag and pull during some exercises. A tall-tale sign that I need to stop moving in that particular way and move into an exercise that will help your tummy heal.

Just a couple quick facts for you... nearly 2/3 of women deal with rectis diastasis! And, it is very common in men and children as well. So, these exercises are applicable for everyone!

Some doctors say that after 8 weeks, no change is going to happen. I say, PISH POSH! Keep doing the exercises that will help it, keep visualizing health, keep on keeping on! I would never give up on my own health, would you?!

So, I have created a video to share with you of some modifications you can make in your regime:

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