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3 Ways to Crush goals through Summer Travels

I am getting together my July Support and Accountability group kicking off on the 3rd and wanted to invite you to join! Yes, right before the 4th of July Holiday! And you know what?! I plan on taking my holiday and having a couple treats but nothing so big that it'll knock me off track of my goals! No timing is ever perfect to start... you've just got to start! Decide. Commit. Succeed. That's how it works. Progress is Succes. 

Check out the results from one of my challengers who jumped in with both feet and locked into the newly launched "Shaun Week" on Beachbody On Demand. This transformation took only 10 days and she locked in with good nutrition and the 30 minute workouts! 

So what are my tips?

1. Decide! If you make it a priority and plan it first thing in your day of vacation, your workouts WILL happen! And with little effort, too! Plan it into your day and see it happening.

I am so excited for this group to get going! I will be traveling for more than half of July but with the capacity to stream my workouts and DOWNLOAD them to my device to stream when I don't have wifi... I can totally stay with and complete my programs even when I am away from home.

2. Link up with me to get access to stream a full program! Streaming workouts is amazing. But let's take it a step further and have you stream workouts with a purpose and plan. Having an end date to your program gives you added incentive to conquer each day. And, you will target your FULL body whether you like it or not! 😂 Oh how I used to avoid push-ups and upper body work! 🙈 Not anymore!

3. Plug in with me and my fellow fit family for added motivation, support, give aways, and fun! These s

upport and accountability groups are FREE and complimentary of me, your FREE coach! And are a huge reason of how and why I have started consistent for the past 2.5 years!

Please fill out this application to get started and send me a friend request me at so we can link up!

Have an awesome DAY!

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